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Welcome! On this website, you will find courses that are offered to all Ecclesia members and/or attendees. All courses are listed on the course menu, which you can access by clicking on the triple lines on the top left of the menu bar.
Some courses require registration. To enroll in a course, please go to the course page and fill out the form. Please specify which course you wish to be enrolled in. You will then have unlimited access to the course. Most courses are self-paced unless your facilitator gives you a deadline.


BibleArc has graciously made available to us free of charge four of their courses for a deeper, personal study of the Bible:
  • If you are new to studying the Bible, the Paraphrase course will teach you how to read a passage carefully in order to figure out its main point, summarise it, and rephrase it in your own words;
  • If you want to go a step further, the Phrasing course will provide you with a way of visualising the flow of a passage in a way that is both intuitive and flexible;
  • Finally, both the Arcing and Bracketing courses will teach you how to dig deep into a passage by providing you with precise tools and skills in discerning its main point(s) and the relationship between its propositions.
All four courses are extremely rewarding for your spiritual growth, so we highly recommend all of them. That said, you do not have to start with Paraphrase. There are no prerequisites for any of these courses. This means you can start with phrasing, arcing, or bracketing. And because these are all basic courses, there will be some overlap in their contents. Arcing and bracketing are more precise and technical than phrasing, and phrasing is more precise than paraphrase. However, paraphrase will be easier than phrasing, which will be easier than arcing and bracketing.
We recommend taking a second course to solidify whatever you learn in the first one. The only exception is with Arcing and Bracketing. Arcing and Bracketing are two versions of the same tool with slight differences. So you only need to pick one of them. Arcing better helps you visualise the sections in a passage. Bracketing, on the other hand, excels at highlighting the main point of a passage. If you are not sure which one to pick, feel free to contact your facilitator and he will be happy to guide you in your decision.
Finally, if you wish to subscribe to a paid account on, please contact us as we may benefit from a group discount. A paid account is not required to complete the courses, neither is it required to use the tools on However, a paid subscription is required if you want to save your work on their website. (Your assignments on this website will always be saved.)